The Hell's Gate Blues Band was originally formed in 2012 as a natural evolution of like-minded blues players in the Vancouver club scene. The group focused on developing a distinct feel, style and direction by covering luminaries such as Aretha Franklin and Janis Joplin that matched their own creative vision as well as working on and growing their own writing abilities. The power and focus of those artists and of Hell's Gate is the unforgettable female voice outfront. Lisa Dunn is the powerhouse that fronts Hell's Gate. The group loves to blend highlights of funk, blues, gospel and rock'n'roll in songs that are strong on groove and emotion. In 2014 they released thier first album entitled Sweet Freedom and in 2016 they released their second album Thin Line. Thin Line has yielded two radio singles... Love Or The Booze and the title track Thin Line

 What people are saying...

"...Lisa Fennell leads the Hell’s Gate Blues Band on Thin Line. It’s a smooth blues rooted collection...
                                -Tom Harrison, Vancouver Sun."

"She could sing the phone book and just make it the best ever... just amazing."          -Gord DeLong, CiVL Radio

"Vocalist Lisa Dunn is the kind of singer any blues group would love to have as she can go from vulnerable (This Attraction) to growling (Love or the Booze) and shines on all the tracks she takes lead on."   Stuart Derdeyn, Vancouver Sun

 "... Comprising a number of veterans of the Vancouver scene, they have in their midst a real jewel on vocals, a lady who can really deliver on all fronts as a vocalist".   
             - Merv Osborne, Blues Matters Magazine, UK

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